Breast Surgery

Women seek plastic surgery on the breasts for a variety of reasons. Some women may have procedures to reconstruct or enhance the breasts to improve their self-esteem. Women with large, heavy breasts may undergo breast reduction for practical reasons. Adolescents with abnormal or asymmetrical breast development may seek plastic surgery for psychological reasons.

Although women seek breast surgery for many reasons, the actual surgery can be classified into five categories. The breasts can be enlarged with implants (breast augmentation), they can also be made smaller by excising breast tissue and underlying skin (breast reduction). Sometimes only the excess breast skin is removed to eliminate sagging (mastopexy). A part or the entire breast can be rebuilt after cancer surgery using a patient’s own tissue or implants (breast reconstruction). Sometimes surgery is done only on the nipple to correct congenital deformities such as an inverted nipple or to reduce large nipples (nipple surgery).

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